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DRB: Divine Radiant Being

This blog is created to illustrate and express my personal reflections and meditations regarding love, life and God.

I embarked on a journey many years ago that started on the quest to find my “soul mate” and indeed I found a soul and that soul was ME.

There have been many relationships. I was looking for a fairy tale and I found ME.

I discovered myself, very recently. It was a compelling search for the “man of my dreams”….and then I realized that in order to find the “man of my dreams”–I had to be the “woman of my dreams”!
They go hand in hand.

No sooner than I am finding myself, I turn around and I also find God. God and I have always been close but I was mistaken in my perception of Him. A father figure to me always, I had grown to believe through religious text and ingrown beliefs by my own parents and family that in order for God to love me I had to be “good”.

Well, I was good. Just not “good enough” in my eyes. The expectations were too high and unreachable.

However, in finding God–my long-lost love, I discovered that not only was God a benevolent, forgiving, merciful Father but loved me more than I could even imagine to be loved.
We started a conversation and I began my first real relationship, with God.
My Father.

The journey took many detours, roads, uphill climbs and swirling spirals downward into darkness, however, persistence, passion, determination and sheer strength has uncovered a Being,
And brilliant as a DIAMOND.
A soul. Eternal. Peaceful. Loving and Joyous and Powerful.

The mediums that I reflect on and meditate are many. I discovered a synchronicity in knowledge that stretches across from West to East. A commonality amongst all IS TO LOVE.
It is the fundamental TRUTH that will be found in the monastery of a Tibetan monk to the most ornate of cathedrals.

In exposing myself to the TRUTH, I discovered UNIVERSAL Laws that would lead me to discovering myself and learning to HONOR my being.

When you Love yourself you want to share. And that’s my intention with this page and further expanding to website and at some point a written text about my ongoing transformation.
I want to create…
And I am using my divinity as inspiration.

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