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Self Love: Have you fallen in love with yourself?

We spend our whole lives either wishing for Prince Charming, dreaming of the love of our life or chasing “happily ever after”.

We weave in and out of relationships, mostly blaming the other person for their shortcomings, bad behavior and accusing them of their lack of love for us.

It’s time that we come back to ourselves…

It’s time to see that all these relationships we in engage are mirrors showing the reflection of who we are, what we are looking for and what we should be paying attention to in ourselves.   If there is a lack of love from our partner then maybe the lack of love is really within us.

The moment that we question the qualities, loyalty, and love of the person we are in the relationship, is the time to embark on a journey of self discovery that will lead to self -love and self- transformation.  It is the moment of taking responsibility for ourselves, of growing and making the realization that we can create ourselves deliberately!!

It’s time to face that maybe we have not fallen in love with ourselves and this is why we are not seeing it in others that we relate with.

It’s time that we bow our heads with humbleness:  Admit our mistakes and promise that we won’t hurt others or Our self like that again.  It’s time to gather courage.  Yes, we have made mistakes but only with the information we had at those moments with little or no understanding of who we really are.

Trust yourself.

We cannot trust another unless we trust in ourselves and our inner wisdom.  We have all the answers and our feelings are the inner guidance that helps us decipher what is right for us.   We trust in the Universe because we are children of the Universe.  The Universe works for us to manifest all that we ARE.   We trust in God.  Everything that is unfolding whether it is good or bad, is always unfolding with purpose, A Good Purpose.  Believe that you are a Child of God and there is nothing to fear.

You must have confidence.

We have to learn to focus on our qualities that enhance the best person we can be and forgive ourselves for those qualities that make us perfectly Imperfect.  Take your qualities and imprint them on your “hard” drive.  Wire yourselves into the most loving, beautiful, joyous and peaceful beings.

Take all the beliefs that are sitting inside you now and pick them apart, examine them and remove them if they do not serve you.  Make a commitment to yourself that you will not let anything negative affect you adversely ever again.  Remember, that if there is a negative experience or “scar” inside you, it is a button that will be pushed if you do not address the root cause of it.  It’s not enough to not get your button pushed, but you need to know WHY.  That’s what will help dissolve that scar forever.  And the experience will never appear again.

Nurture yourself.

Give to yourself.  Learn to be your own best friend.  Nurture your Being. It’s time that you start living with yourself.  Take in a sunset, feel that sunset in your soul and BE HAPPY.  When you fill your own cup you will not take from others.  You will have an overflowing cup and when you do take, take from God, our Father –the Source of untainted and unconditional love.  He is a well of fresh and clean energy.

Accept yourself.

It’s time to feel your heart.  Feel your soul, Get in touch with that part of you that wants to give to the world, share with world.

Be free.

Free to be yourself:





Express YOU and SHARE it!!!

God is in love with you.  Let that be the spark that ignites your light and SHINE!!

Have you fallen in love with yourself yet??–lol.

NOW, you ARE the person you have always wanted to be with!!!

AND remember:  You don’t get what You want, YOU GET WHAT YOU ARE!!

Now repeat after me:

I approve of myself.

I approve of myself.

I approve of myself.


Next segment:

Self-respect:  The highest form of loving yourself.

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