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The ‘A-ha’ Moment: Iam lovable just the way Iam

  There is a guy that I have been dating that I have always loved being with and gave me some awesome experiences that we shared together
After a few months of absence, he contacted me and I decided to take this opportunity to see if he would be interested in getting to know me more intimately on an emotional level.  
When I received his reply, I really wasn’t surprised but felt so hurt, rejected and humiliated. My ego was bruised, and I responded quickly to ensure that “it’s no big deal” but really I was having a mini meltdown.

I was so afraid to look back at the text but I wanted to clarify exactly what he said. I started to cry. I knew that when he wrote: ‘Iam always happy to hang out with you.’

He was acknowledging my lovability.  
“Oh my goodness…Iam lovable.” The revelation came with all its splendour and with a huge burst of tears. Tears of joy.
I knew in that moment, the “aha” moment, that he had come into my life to ignite my lovability. He has literally been the only man in years that has taken me out and enjoyed my company; and although we have been physically intimate, he has always enjoyed dating me. Enjoying my company at the movies. Having fun with watching a ball game. He took me for a ‘breath of air’ to a summer festival. He surprised me with a moonlight stroll near the lake where he liked talking with me and holding hands.


He enjoyed me. He was enjoying me. He ENJOYS me.
In that moment of awareness, i realized:

He’s a mirror reflecting to me; “I like you.” “You are fun.” I am always happy hanging out with you.” 
The whole time i wanted him to be “the love of my life” and i was blindsiding myself to the real and more important purpose of this man coming into my life, this relationship.
Immediately, I recognized that i did need this experience. I decided that I actually do want to hang out with this ‘soul’ mate of mine. I think it’s the best thing i could do for myself. Relating with him will reinforce the TRUTH:

Iam lovable just the way Iam.  
And that’s the key: BEING myself.  
WE have a good time together. So let’s just do that.

He is here to open up my lovability.

And Iam completely on board with this.
I love my life.

I love every person that comes in it, especially the ones that seem like they are hurting me when really they love me beyond infinity.

“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.”

I have entered a new Universe.
It’s called Antonella is loved and Antonella is very, very, lovable.

Enlightenment: the moment you KNOW you are loved and you KNOW you are lovable. 

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