Antonella Agostini is a new and upcoming author.  She has been sharing good morning messages and since making the courageous decision to share herself with the world, has been blogging for a large audience since 2007.  She has always been an optimist, and has been intrigued with the Universe and spirituality most of her life.

After being inspired by the works of authors such as Neale Donald Walsch, Agostini has been on a journey of self-discovery for nearly 25 years.  Despite experiencing loss, adversity, and struggles, Agostini continues to move forward, uplifted with every new awareness, realization, and moments of enlightenment.

She currently lives in Toronto with her two cats, Jericho and Hazel.

The love of my life Jericho❤️ He is no longer with us, but is forever in my heart.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Antonella,
    Beautiful testimony. I TRULY RELATE! Loving oneself, being comfortable with oneself alone,(and Jesus), truly makes all the lonely days and nights bearable, and yes, even rewarding. Yet there is still the fundamental basic Truth of our creative existence as recorded in Genesis. God saw that there was no helpmeet for the man so, God, made Woman, for the man!
    Light and blessings in Jesus!

  2. You’re so sweet to want to put your feelings and thoughts out there for everyone to see. I am a true romantic and I love to find ways to express my feelings to my new girlfriend. I give cards and buy flowers, and for Valentine’s Day, I bought her some beautiful jewelry. But I know I don’t have to spend money to show my feelings for her. I have been seeing people write that giving your time is more important than what money can buy. And I do believe that too. So thank you for writing this column and letting us express our feelings. Have a Blessed Day!

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