Meditation is a tool to slow down your mind and thought process. It is about listening to God. And as a non spiritual practice, it is to keep the mind still and accessing the Universal Intelligence within.

Simply, meditation is not done by focusing on anything specific, rather, it is observing all of the external “happenings”.

I have been building a practice of mediation that began as a tool to relax, to connect with my heart and feelings and emotions, and to aide in focusing on challenges with internal conflict and external obstacles, and I now practice with a more focused “intent” and it is my doorway to God and God consciousness.

Hypnosis is very effective in neuro-linguistic programming. The subconscious is your master and you can clear negative belief systems and conditioning through feeding your subconscious with new and more positive beliefs that will create a life that reflects joy, love, peace and prosperity.

I will share various meditations and hypnosis sessions that have been successful in my personal transformation.