Wake Up: The Power of Good Morning–Digital Ebook


“Wake Up: The Power of Good morning” offers a foundational approach to increase one’s awareness of mental and emotional health, thus enhancing total wellbeing. In these unprecedented times, this book illuminates the way for those who are turning to introspection and who are asking existential questions. Agostini guides the reader to begin unraveling these inner mysteries for themselves.

“I believe that my experiences are common and relatable,” says Agostini, “Broken-hearted and failed relationships are something that everyone, at one time of their life, has gone through or experienced.  I would love to reach the one person that does not feel they can recover or has no control to make their life better.  My hope is to inspire the reader by pulling at their heart strings – which is where the journey truly begins.”


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In a heartwarming guide that includes actual good morning messages, Agostini reveals a blueprint for awakening the soul that intertwines discoveries made through her own healing process as she climbed out of hopelessness to embrace self-love and purpose with positive affirmations and insightful advice that leads others down a new path where good morning messages reroute negative thoughts and move the pendulum toward attaining dreams and desires. Throughout her guide, Agostini reminds all of us that the strength to transform our lives lies within us if we just open our eyes, wake up, and realize that we are the source of inspiration, allowing us to begin creating the life we deserve.

Wake Up: The Power of Good Morning Messages shares the inspiring story of one woman’s journey of self-discovery as she learned the power of writing a daily message to herself to heal from heartbreak, shun pessimism, and realize her dreams.


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