Good morning and thank you God

Iam in the Universal flow of all that is good and true.

Iam confident. I am serene. Iam sure.

Ok Universe, let’s get ready…It’s gonna be a great day! 😊

A story of growth, transformation and awakenings.

“Wake Up: The Power of Good morning” offers a foundational approach to increase one’s awareness of mental and emotional health, thus enhancing total wellbeing. In these unprecedented times, this book illuminates the way for those who are turning to introspection and who are asking existential questions. Agostini guides the reader to begin unraveling these inner mysteries for themselves.

Throughout the book, Agostini shares affirmations and outlines ways to strengthen one’s faith in the intangible, and ways in which to shift one’s mentality from that of a victim to one of a victor.  It is an opening to awaken the soul through inspiration, reflection, and a contemplation of one’s life experiences and relationships. Through experiencing Wake Up, the reader will gain awareness of a latent power all humans possess, harnessing it in order to live life intentionally rather than by default. Agostini illustrates how this journey is a pertinent process to encourage harmony in all facets of one’s life. All positive relationships — family, work, romantic, or otherwise — begin with the discovery of the self.

Wake Up: The Power of Good Morning