The Power of Good Morning

Inspiration:  5-April-2015(6)

❤️Easter Sunday❤️Upon reflection this very beautiful morning, on the significance of the Resurrection of Christ, I know in my heart that we are souls that are eternal.This wonderful Christian interpretation reminds me, resonates with me the power of Everlasting life we each hold.The journey as humans allow us experiences of both joy and love and… Continue reading Inspiration:  5-April-2015(6)

Encouragement, Love, spiritual

Inspiration:  03-April-2015(5)

   ❤️GOOD FRIDAY❤️ IAm not a practicing Catholic, however, I have always observed Good Friday with sadness and compassion for Jesus Christ.It is not until recently in my life that I observe the injustice, violence and cruelty to this human being as a door that is passed through to enable one to embrace THE LIGHT.It doesn't have… Continue reading Inspiration:  03-April-2015(5)