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Meditation, spiritual, The Power of Good Morning

Miracle Manifestation Meditation

I found this great app through one of the subscribed accounts I have through YouTube. Good Vibes — Binaural Beats

spiritual, The Power of Good Morning

Can thoughts create happiness?

Thoughts create our reality. When looking at your reality, you can see if you are thinking positive or negative thoughts. And of note—one not only thinks consciously, but also has beliefs and conditioning that are stirred subconsciously and may not have any awareness of them. Release any limiting beliefs and conditioning that do not serve… Continue reading Can thoughts create happiness?

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Inspiration: 11-April-2015(7)

It's been awhile, but getting back on track.....true love.  I thought it was a childish dream, a fairy tale I wanted to come true but in my seeking this all my life, has uncovered the real meaning was so I could love myself and know that iam all I need as far as being loved.....and… Continue reading Inspiration: 11-April-2015(7)