Encouragement, Love, Personal Transformation, Positivity/Optimism, The Power of Good Morning

Inspiration:  Jul-11-2015(11)

"Girls want attention. Women want respect." Its taken me forever...to get this message.   The more i respect myself, the more respect i gain. And oddly, enough, a ton of attention to go with it.💋   

Love, Personal Transformation, The Power of Good Morning

Inspiration: 11-April-2015(7)

It's been awhile, but getting back on track.....true love.  I thought it was a childish dream, a fairy tale I wanted to come true but in my seeking this all my life, has uncovered the real meaning was so I could love myself and know that iam all I need as far as being loved.....and… Continue reading Inspiration: 11-April-2015(7)