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Day 1-12 Days of Christmas

1st Day of Christmas.All I want for Christmas is you❤️ Love Art and Being in Love🌹 #christmas #alliwantforchristmasisyou #12daysofchristmas #couplesinlove #happysingles #inlove #cheerup Happy Holidays❤️

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Soul mate

What you seek, is seeking you.Sat Chit AnandaTruth Consciousness BlissWhy do I exist? Divine Love

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Iam the Universe and the Universe is me🌹

It's gonna be a great day😊😊 Aham brahmasmi One interpretation to help describe the Sanskrit used as a mantra in meditation "Aham Brahmasmi: (Sanskrit: अहं ब्रह्मास्मि aham brahmāsmi) "I am Brahman" I am Spirit Soul. Brahman means: spiritual, and aham-brahmasmi means: I am a spirit soul. I am not this body."The symptoms of the self-realized… Continue reading Iam the Universe and the Universe is me🌹

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Inspiration:  03-April-2015(5)

   ❤️GOOD FRIDAY❤️ IAm not a practicing Catholic, however, I have always observed Good Friday with sadness and compassion for Jesus Christ.It is not until recently in my life that I observe the injustice, violence and cruelty to this human being as a door that is passed through to enable one to embrace THE LIGHT.It doesn't have… Continue reading Inspiration:  03-April-2015(5)